@sarahstage / Instagram 1 / 5
@sarahstage / Instagram 1 / 5

Sarah Stage is picture perfect, and according to her, that doesn't involve photoshopping! The model is having to defend herself as cyberbullies are again attacking her for her body -- this time, though, it has nothing to do with her toned tummy.

Earlier this year, Sarah was blasted by critics for having a incredibly fit body despite being nine-months pregnant. The social media haters haven't subsided.

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Recently, Sarah posted a sweet Instagram snap of her son, James Henry, laying on her chest as she lay poolside. The caption was innocuous enough, Sarah saying, "I can't believe he's already 16lbs!"

In the photo, a small bump appeared on the thigh, likely caused by the shadow of her son pushing on her leg. It was then that the cyberbullies decided to feast, hounding her -- often times in language not fit for print -- to get it checked. Others accused her of photoshopping her previous photos since the "bump" had never appeared.

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Sarah, though, bit back the next day. Posting a similar, but slightly different image with her son, she wrote to her 1.8 million followers, "When you're sharing a pic of a relaxing pool day with your son and people are concerned with your thigh shadow/pudge/skin," she captioned the photo. "He's pushing on my thigh, not that serious," she added later.

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It wasn't all haters, though. In the comment section of her Instagram, both fellow models and photo editors came her Sarah's defense, saying that everything in the images is authentic.