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Denise Richards breaks her silence for the first time since her ex-husband Charlie Sheen's alleged domestic dispute that took place on Christmas day with his current wife Brooke Mueller.

Richards tells Oprah Winfrey that Sheen called her collect from jail, saying that he didn't want the day to go by without saying Merry Christmas to their daughters, Lola and Sam. "It's sad. It's a sad situation ... Their dad was in jail on Christmas," Richards says, adding that her daughter learned that her dad was in jail from a child in her kindergarten class.

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When asked if she thinks Sheen has a problem, Richards responds, "Yeah, I think that Charlie has a very sharp tongue ... He played on my insecurities."

The actress reflects on her marriage to Sheen, telling Oprah that it was an abusive relationship. Though Sheen has denied Richards' claims of abuse, the actress recalls that there were instances when he was verbally abusive but adds that "he never hit me."

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Richards says that she was "terrified" when she filed for divorce while pregnant. "I was terrified and relieved that I had the courage to do it," she reveals on the talk show. "Our daughters didn't ask to be born into our conflict. ... It was impossible to make [our marriage] work."

Though the actress details her tumultuous relationship with Sheen in the past, she's happy to report that they are now getting along. "Charlie and I are in a good place now ... It's taken a lot of work on our part."

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