We've heard of musicians becoming designers, but designers becoming musicians? Hip-hop mogul Diddy set out to do just that with his new album.

Vogue magazine's Andre Leon Talley blogged that Diddy-Dirty Money's album Last Train to Paris featured a number of influential people in the fashion industry, including himself, Vogue senior editor Anna Wintour and designers Marc Jacobs, Isaac Mizrahi and Tommy Hilfiger.

Talley blogged about the experience, writing: "During Fashion Week last year, [Diddy] sent out the call via e-mail and voice mail to high-fashion friends to come to his studio to participate in the record. ... He's like great creative thinkers in music who love fashion. ... For my part, I recited words by James Baldwin, and Diddy respected it enough to leave it intact. Last Train to Paris is totally twenty-first-century Diddy cool."

According to Glamour magazine, for fashionista Wintour's part, she says: "This is Anna Wintour from Vogue magazine. You are now listening to the Last Train to Paris."

The album is to be released Dec. 14.

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