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Here are a few things you didn't know (and probably never wanted to know) about Diddy: He unsuccessfully tried to lose his virginity at the age of 7; he did lose it six years later; he was a porn aficionado by junior high; and he readily admits to nookie sessions lasting 30 hours.

"I'm proud to say I love sex," the self-delighted star broadcasts in a swaggering sit-down in the January issue of Playboy (the one with the terrifying Tara Reid cover). "You might catch me in a porn store at any given moment -- it ain't nothing I'm ashamed of. If they start sending freaks to jail, I'm guilty as charged."

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But Diddy confesses that there have been times when he has felt the sting of rejection when attempting to get his freak on.

He shares a tale of woe about "a young lady who's an actress. She's famous. I liked her, so I was willing to do whatever I had to do. I told her, 'I will sneak up the side of the building to see you.' I was persistent."

Alas, as with many a doomed romance, they simply couldn't get out of the way of their own enormous fame.

"We started spending time together, but we were prisoners of our celebrity," he explains. "She took me to dinner after we got to know each other and hit me with a line that was straight out of the movies. She said, 'You know this will never work, right?'"

Laughs Diddy, "I knew she was right."

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So, who was the famous actress in question? He insists the answer will be revealed only to the very highest authority. No, not People magazine: the Almighty.

"The only person I'm gonna tell is God," the mogul declares. "If he says I can't get into heaven I may whisper it in his ear. She was so cool the way she let me down softly, and she offered me a ride back to my hotel."

When Sienna Miller's name is floated as a possibility (they were linked in 2007), Diddy is quick with a denial.

"It wasn't her," he pooh-poohs. "This was going to shake up the world. It would have been a Puff and J.Lo situation, part two."

That's led some to wonder if he's talking about Cameron Diaz, with whom he appeared to get quite friendly back in 2008.

That spring, the New York Daily News purportedly caught the pair in a near-kiss during a Prince-hosted bash. Diddy protested that they were just friends.

"Privacy is a sexy thing to have," he opines of his tease of the would-be liaison. "It's important to be trusted and to be able to have secrets and moments that are your own."

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Meanwhile, Diddy also admits to experiencing "betrayal" in a relationship, and he doesn't object when the interviewer suggests he might be talking about the aforementioned Jennifer Lopez, whom he split with in 2001, right around the time he was facing a gun charge.

"There was a point when the world perceived me as a bad guy and people had to distance themselves," he says. "It is convenient to stand next to the bad boy when things are hot and going well, but when things go down it isn't as sexy. That hurts ... When you love hard, you would actually die for somebody. And it hurts to know the person you'd die for won't even handle life's pain for you."

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