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Taylor Swift has a well-deserved reputation for being a sweetheart, as evidenced by the fact that she didn't conk a thunder-stealing Kanye West over the head with her MTV VMA statue.

So, what to make of a story from Australia's Daily Telegraph, which claims the Grammy-winning good girl exhibited a bit of bad behavior during her recent tour Down Under?

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According to the paper, Swift stepped out for dinner at a Benihana-style restaurant in Brisbane but failed to embrace the interactive aspect of the meal. Word is, the tableside chef asked if she wanted to catch an egg, which he proceeded to toss her way, only to have it crack open on her.

"She completely flipped out," alleges a source, "and ranted and raved."


The spy also contends that, after Taylor regained her composure, the chef lobbed her some rice, which she purportedly winged back at him without so much as a bride or groom in sight.

Her "other diva" antics, asserts the paper, included "having hotel staff open all doors for her" (isn't that kind of standard protocol at most of the world's finer establishments?).

Considering how out of character this seems for the typically good-natured Swift, we checked in with her rep, who was quick to chop the dubious diva talk to pieces.

"This didn't happen," her spokeswoman assures Wonderwall.

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Meanwhile, in slightly more believable diva news, Whitney Houston really knows how to turn on the charm. Keeping it on? That may still need some work.

The Daily Telegraph says that when the comeback-minded chanteuse landed in Brisbane over the weekend ahead of her forthcoming concert, she smiled, waved and offered salutations to fans as she made her way through the airport.

But her friendly tone supposedly changed lickety-split from "I-eeeeeee-eye will always love youuuuu" to "kiss my a--!" when she discovered her chauffeured car was not waiting for her as she emerged from the terminal.

"This is bull----," Houston is quoted as saying during the interminable two minutes she was forced to cool her high heels before a silver Mercedes pulled up.

The paper says she also didn't foster international goodwill after a friendly bus driver urged her to lose her hat and sunglasses and enjoy the lovely local weather.

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Whitney, who might be feeling a little touchy these days, what with the National Enquirer predicting her imminent demise and all, reportedly responded to his suggestion with one of her own: "Get [bleeped]."

"The other drivers fell over laughing," the wheelman recalls, "but I was stunned."

And in still more diva-related news, Jennifer Lopez apparently lived up to her high-maintenance reputation before taking the stage on Friday at the San Remo Music Festival in Italy, where she strutted around in a rear end-accentuating leather catsuit.

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According to our rough translation of an Italian newspaper report, Mrs. Marc Anthony arrived at a nearby deluxe hotel with a 25-person entourage in tow, including four assistants, a makeup artist and hair wrangler, plus enough baggage to make Mariah Carey look like a light packer. Good thing she reportedly reserved an entire floor.

And finally, Gwyneth Paltrow is under fire for her so-called "diva behavior" while shooting "Love Don't Let Me Down" in Nashville, Tenn.

The New York Post claims that the batwing-fighting, allegedly comfort food-craving Oscar winner is not only traveling with two bodyguards, a pair of nannies for tots Apple and Moses, a chef and a personal trainer, but she's also staying in a luxury penthouse that was given a $100,000-plus makeover before she moved in.

Paltrow's rep, however, scoffs at the rumblings, adamantly insisting that no renovations were done and adding, "She is not traveling with a personal chef or trainer. Her children are with her for half of the four-week shoot and she has a nanny and one security person with them while she is working."

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