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By Molly McGonigle

Kanye West stopped by Ellen DeGeneres' show yesterday to promote his new album. But fans were blinded by the bling he was sporting -- on this teeth.

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While talking with Ellen, fans were caught-off guard by what appeared to be diamonds in Kanye's teeth.

When asked about this new diamond grill, Kanye said that they were a replacement to his real teeth. Obviously, Ellen had a lot of questions. But Kanye explained, "I just thought the diamonds were cooler."

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However, a New York-based cosmetic dentist, Dr. Ramin Tabib, said, "I couldn't imagine any dentist that would actually be convinced to extract someone's teeth to replace them with diamonds. This borders on malpractice. It's like going to your internist and asking him to cut your left hand off because you really don't need two hands."

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Regardless of whether the diamond teeth are real, Kanye always knows how to make a statement.