Matt Sayles / Invision/AP 1 / 6
Matt Sayles / Invision/AP 1 / 6

Rapper Drake and singer Chris Brown are facing a $15 million lawsuit from New York club bosses over their infamous brawl on June 12.

The two stars' entourages clashed during a night out at W.i.P. and the fracas is believed to have erupted after the rival artists exchanged words over beauty Rihanna, who was romantically linked to Drake following her 2009 split from Brown.

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Bottles were smashed during the fight and basketball ace Tony Parker was among the club goers injured in the fracas, and now executives at Entertainment Enterprises, Ltd., the company which owns the Manhattan hot spot, have placed the blame on Drake and Brown.

In legal papers obtained by the New York Post, they claim the embattled musicians "shared a grudge against the other arising out of their romantic relationships with the same woman," and they allege the issue prompted them to "fight violently with each other."

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The club owners claim the two stars each arrived at the club "with his own small army of bodyguards, security personnel, employees, friends and other members of their entourage, consisting of at least 15 heavily-built men trained and/or experienced in hand-to-hand and weapons combat."

In legal documents, the W.i.P bosses add, "[They] fashioned deadly weapons out of whatever materials they could find, including glasses, alcohol bottles and furniture."

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Two female revellers caught up in club fight have already filed suit against W.i.P. bosses, accusing them of continuing to serve alcohol to drunk patrons.

Parker is also suing the club bosses for injuries to his eye.