Jim Smeal / BEImages / Rex USA 1 / 11
Jim Smeal / BEImages / Rex USA 1 / 11

Drew Barrymore has two children -- Olive, 2, and Frankie, 9 months -- so she isn't exactly new to the whole motherhood thing. But she still doesn't know if she's doing it right.

"Any mom never feels like they're doing it right, but you do your absolute best," she said at the Daily Front Row Fashion Los Angeles Awards. "You just kill yourself on a minutely basis to be the best parent you can."

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The fact that the "Charlie's Angels" star was even out of the house on Jan. 22 was apparently a feat in and of itself.

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Donning a faux fur Zara shirt and floral Milly skirt, Drew said, "I just left [my kids] and I'm weirded out to be out of the house. But here I am. I'll be back in sweats in no time."

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But it's not just her wardrobe that changed -- hey, who doesn't love sweats! -- so have her makeup habits.

"I just don't wear makeup most of the time because I don't have the time or that's not the focus," the Flower Cosmetics founder said. "I do know when I need makeup. I'm so grateful to be a creator of a makeup line because I know exactly what to do for what I need. Or if I'm going out to an event, I know the whole line has stuff that I want to do for different looks."

She continued, "I love and live to play in makeup, but I don't live in makeup every day."