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By Michelle Lanz

Detroit rapper Eminem is back in the spotlight with a new album, aptly named "Recovery," in which he opens up about his recent struggle with drugs and his road back to a healthier state.

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"Recovery feels better than ever," Eminem told CNN at the E3 video game conference in Los Angeles. "Feels like I'm me again."

He says it wasn't easy to face his addictions, especially as a hip-hop artist and musician.

"It took me awhile to admit I actually did have a problem," he said. "In the hip-hop world that I live in, it can be mistaken for weakness and the last thing you want to do in hip-hop is admit that you're weak. But if I didn't admit I was weak with this certain thing I was going to die."

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Eminem also admits that his situation became serious and that he "was certainly a couple of hours away from death," adding that he "overdosed and almost died."

A new album and a stint in rehab later and Eminem seems ready to get back to work. "Recovery" has since been leaked and celebs like Lindsay Lohan are already tweeting their praises. The actress recently tweeted about one of its tracks, "Talkin' 2 Myself," saying she "Couldn't relate to this song more some days."