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By Dana Flax

In its new issue, Life & Style details the fallout from Heidi Montag's recent $50,000 full-body plastic surgery binge. Though her former friend Lauren Conrad once told L&S she thought plastic surgery "was created to help people with their appearance" (with the caveat that she only really means people who get in car accidents and need corrective surgery), many of Heidi's friends are speaking out about the bum job(s) they think Heidi got.

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"She looks like Cat Lady," a (not so good) friend told the mag, deciding sensibly that "it's all a little too much."

In fact, hubby Spencer Pratt reportedly ordered "seven bunches of flowers" for an upset Heidi after she received an email from a stranger saying the plastic surgery was against God's will.

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Well, if a DDD-cup (and mini brow lift and nose job revision and fat injections, etc.) is unnatural, then we don't know what to believe! We might as well quit Hollywood and stop calling ourselves superficial.

Even Heidi's family is mildly suggesting her surgery was eh, not so good. Her father, Bill Montag told L&S, "It's a surprise to me ... She is my little girl." Life & Style reports Spencer told friends he's "a bit shocked" and is eagerly waiting for the surgery to settle and the swelling to go down.

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Well, Heidi, here's to hoping that the swelling (and the hub-bub) dies down gracefully.