@giulianarancic / Instagram 1 / 11
@giulianarancic / Instagram 1 / 11

Dark hair, don't care!

With the 2015 Oscars just a few days aways -- meaning tons of on-camera time -- Giuliana Rancic took a huge risk when she dyed her hair with an at-home kit.

Yes, an at-home kit. Oh, the humanity!


The new darker locks on the E! News correspondent look great. And it seems that Giuliana was really feeling the look too, posting a photo on her Instagram of her new 'do.

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"Bye-bye, blonde hair!" she captioned a video of her actually doing the deed herself, using a Vidal Sassoon product.

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If recent history is any indication, Giulana will still be skewered on social media following Hollywood's biggest night (see here and here) but at least she'll look good doing it.