@giulianarancic / Instagram 1 / 10
@giulianarancic / Instagram 1 / 10

At least she can laugh about it now! Giuliana Rancic decided to celebrate her birthday on Aug. 17 by posting an embarrassingly amazing photo of one of her teenage "modeling" shots.

The throwback photo featured the E! News host playing tennis while wearing a stripped baggy shirt and shorts that look similar to pajamas. She rocks old school shoes and sneakers and braces.

"On my birthday, I would like to take a moment to share this embarrassing 'modeling' shot of me at 13 yrs old as a public service to young women everywhere," she wrote.

She then gave hope to all young women, writing, "If this lanky, awkward, athletically challenged girl with the bad perm, bad skin, bad fashion sense and brace face had the confidence to think she could make her dreams come true, then by golly, so can you!"

Just last week, Amber Rose posted an exceptionally awkward throwback image of herself with a similar "you can do it, too" message. In the summer of hilariously bad throwbacks, we wonder, who is next? This was, after all, basically the reason Instagram was invented.

Following her awkward funny photo, Giuliana got a little more sentimental with the throwbacks. In posting another picture of herself as a youngster in a yellow turtleneck, she reflected on the meaning of her birthday.

"About to go to bed and got caught up looking at boxes of old pictures. Got me thinking...it's funny how birthdays work. When you're little, you look forward to them for the party and presents. As a teen and young adult, you crave them for the milestones, like driving a car and finally turning 21. But as you get older, you start to dread them because they mean your aging, something none of us can stop. And suddenly birthdays suck!," she wrote.

She continued, "But for many, like myself, a life event happens that forever changes your perspective on birthdays. That happened to me a few years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now, I don't frown on getting a year older but I look forward to it and celebrate it with all my heart. It means God has blessed me with another year to be with my family, friends, husband and son. How lucky I am!!! Thank you all for the birthday wishes. May you all have a wonderful next birthday."