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Has Ross Geller become persona non grata at Central Perk? The New York Post reports that David Schwimmer has become the target of hostile, "Friends"-based graffiti over the much-criticized construction of his massive new Manhattan home.

Here's the story: The former "Friends" star plunked down $4.1 million in 2010 for a 7,750-square-foot, five-story East Village townhouse built in 1852.

Despite notification from the city that the structure would soon be eligible for landmark status, Schwimmer proceeded to tear it down and erect a 9,000-square-foot, six-story mansion complete with elevator and roof deck.

The neighbors were not pleased (you might even say they weren't there for him) and expressed their anger this week by spray-painting "Ross is not cool" on the almost-finished construction site.

That Ross isn't cool is hardly news, what with his alter ego's trademark dorky disposition, including his relationship breaks with Rachel, his rage blackouts over turkey sandwiches and that time he whitened his teeth until they glowed in the dark (curse you, "Friends" reruns!).

In fact, deeming the destruction of a historic building as "not cool" in spray paint seems like just the mild-mannered tack someone like Ross would take.

Anyhoodie, not everyone is against Schwimmer's expansive new digs.

"It is what it is," a guy working on the house tells the Post. "Because he's got a lot of money, I've got a job. I'm not gonna complain."

Says a coffee shop manager from down the street (no, it wasn't Gunther), "Personally, I'm for it. The old building was … an old pile of crap. I just thank God it's not [becoming] a towering condominium."


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