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Headlinephoto / Splash News 1 / 19

In the two months since the rumor mill began heating up with talk that Ashton Kutcher was preparing to pop the question to Mila Kunis, he's reportedly hammered out the details of his messy, drawn-out divorce from Demi Moore.

Now, almost two years to the day since Demi and Ashton's breakup was announced, whispers are growing much louder that the actor will get down on one knee and propose to his onetime "That '70s Show" co-star as soon the ink is dry on the divorce papers, which could happen as soon as next week.

"Demi and Ashton's divorce has cast a cloud over his and Mila's relationship because it's dragged on for so long," a source tells the London Sun (in other words, big 'ol grain of salt, people). "Thankfully, Demi's turned a corner. She's no longer bitter, and she wants the divorce over and done with as soon as possible so she can get on with her life, too. They're all happy and the papers are signed and with the lawyers now, so Ashton's free to officially propose to Mila. Both of them want to marry and have children."

The tabloid claims Kutcher, 35, plans to propose to Kunis, 30, during an upcoming trip to Hawaii, so … surprise?

Demi announced her split from Ashton on November 17, 2011, amid rumblings that he cozied up with a dewy blonde on what would have been their sixth wedding anniversary.

The two, who wed in 2005 without a prenup, appear to have spent the last two years wrangling over money, specifically the chunk of change Kutcher made from various tech investments.

Word is, Demi sought as much as $25 million from her estranged husband, although her bid for spousal support was reportedly rejected.

Moore recently returned from a "spirituality conference" to India with a guru in tow. In recent days, she's been seen in the company of Australian pearl diver (no, really) Will Hanigan, whom she bonded with over their shared love of yoga.

As for Ashton and Mila, who first went public in April 2012, they are apparently eager to start a family.

"They're not not trying," an insider told People in August. "They would be thrilled if Mila were to get pregnant, whether or not they are married."