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Kevin Zegers is experiencing a lot of new firsts in his life: He's a first time father and this is the first time he's been fine with human feces on his hands.

The former "Gossip Girl" star and his wife, Jaime Feld, recently welcomed fraternal twin daughters, Zoë Madison and Blake Everleigh, on Aug. 17. Since then, he's basically been live tweeting his, well, sometimes crappy adventures.

"I never thought I'd be so cool with having poop on my hands. #newdad" he tweeted on Aug. 27.

A few weeks later, he got a birthday present of a similar style. "My daughter Blake just pooped on me. Best birthday gift ever," he tweeted.. The next day? You guessed it. "Pooped on. Again," he wrote to his 255,000 followers.

Clearly, though, Kevin is thriving as a father. Over the last week, the actor posted a photo of himself with his two girls in their baby carriers. He said it was an "A+ shoulder workout."

In the newest edition of People magazine, Kevin spoke about his daughters and his new life.

"I don't know how one person could physically raise twins on their own," he said. "There's just not enough time or hands to do everything that needs to be done. It's nice that my wife and I are doing as much as we can together."

It hasn't always been smooth sailing, though. Kevin spent his first five days as a father with Blake in the hospital's neonatal intensive care unit because of her smaller birth weight. His wife recovered and cared for Zoe on a different floor.

"I would go up to the NICU to feed Blake and FaceTime my wife so she could see her," he said.

Now, things couldn't be better. Kevin's wife says, "Everything about them is so amazing and every day they do something different. I'm sure every parent says this, but I think they're geniuses."

Her sentiments get no argument from her husband. "We're already saving money for both of them to go to college," he said, adding that he has big plans for them. "Harvard."