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Bow down and give thanks to Baba Booey, because Robin Quivers is on the mend. Howard Stern's longtime friend and on-air sidekick revealed on his Sirius XM radio show Monday that she's been battling cancer for the past year but is currently in remission.

Quivers, 61, explained that she's been undergoing treatment, including chemotherapy and radiation, for uterine cancer, but doctors believe she's now free of the disease.

"I gotta be honest, I thought she was a goner," admitted Stern, who said he had "chills" as he listened to her recount the story. He admitted to freaking out over her diagnosis, which was initially dire (doctors talked about "prolonging" her life rather than saving it), saying it "leveled" him.

Longtime listeners knew something was up: For more than a year, Quivers has been contributing her usual quips and news segments via an ISDN setup from her home. But through it all, she missed only a couple of broadcasts, even scheduling her treatments around the show's vacation breaks.

According to Stern, Robin never complained and simply carried on as she always has, although she decided to keep her health crisis private. He, however, cried frequently over what she was going through.

Quivers acknowledged on the air last May that doctors had found a grapefruit-sized mass in her pelvis.

"I'll … kill you if you have cancer," Howard warned her. "I'm not doing the show without you. ... I'm quitting if you're not doing the show."

Replied Robin, "Oh, don't make me cry."

She underwent surgery and was back on the air within a few weeks, but her absence was hard on Howard.

"Doing a show without Robin is like cutting off my left arm. Or my right arm. Or maybe both," he said of his partner of 30 years. "She was my backbone. Where I would lose courage, Robin always had the courage. She always is the brave one. Always the brave one with me. I could go to her, and I could always rely on her."

And this being Howard and Robin, the surgery inspired a hilarious on-air story about how he had gone to visit her in the hospital (despite his germ fears) but got the runaround because she was staying there under what he described as the worst code name ever.

He eventually located her and gave her a gift basket with ChapStick and chewing gum (both doctor-recommended for the chemo), along with a self-portrait that he placed by her bedside so he could keep an eye on her.

Quivers, who went on a strict vegan diet several years ago, also revealed that she has a healthy cookbook coming out soon.