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Celebrities are mad as hell at the tabloids, and at least a few of 'em aren't gonna take it anymore. On the heels of Katie Holmes' unprecedented apology from Star magazine over its "Drug Shocker!" cover story back in January, Katy Perry has filed suit against an Australian tab over accusations that she two-timed husband Russell Brand.

Her legal action against NW magazine came shortly before she kicked off the Down Under leg of her California Dreams Tour with a sold-out show in Melbourne (judging by the towel the Chanel tracksuit-clad popster tossed over her head upon touching down in town, she was in no mood to deal with the local press).

According to the Herald-Sun, Perry wants both damages and aggravated damages over a March cover story that alleged she had an "intimate," marriage-jeopardizing relationship with record producer Benny Blanco, who has worked with everyone from Britney Spears to Justin Bieber.

"World exclusive: Katy's Other Man," trumpeted the tab. "Split fears after shock revelation."

Inside, NW chatted with a supposed "friend" of Katy's about the purported affair, a woman Perry insists she doesn't even know. She also contends that the mag didn't fact-check the story prior to publication and refused to issue an apology despite the inaccuracies, including claims that Blanco mixed her hit single "California Gurls."

In her suit, Katy maintains that her reputation was "gravely injured" by the affair accusations and she has "suffered distress, embarrassment and humiliation."

If the lawsuit is successful, Perry could walk away with a six-figure payout.

No word on whether Katy also plans to take on Life & Style over its February story alleging that she and Russell, who tied the knot in an elaborate, India-set ceremony in October 2010, were seeking couples counseling.

Brand recently laughed off talk of domestic trouble, insisting their marriage is "sacred."

"At home, I promise you, it's so normal," says the British funnyman-cum-reformed bad boy. "We're just two people watching the telly, talking about the cats, what color curtains we want. Just two people in love like any other marriage. Apparently, we're in 'crisis talks' … trying to save our marriage -- we're having a summit. No, we're not. We're just having a laugh together."


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