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Now would be a good time to get down on your knees and thank whatever deity you worship (be it God or Gaga), because a firm denial has been issued over Star magazine's report that Ray J is harboring "a ton of sexually explicit photos and videos" starring the late Whitney Houston.

"The despicable tabloid report released today claiming the existence of a sex tape between Ray J and Whitney Houston is not true," his rep insists to Wonderwall. "This story, along with so many others, [has] been released to sell magazines. There is no sex tape or explicit photos."

Granted, it's not a huge leap to believe that Brandy's little brother had recorded his one-on-one time with the troubled star, who was linked to him off and on for several years. After all, this is the guy whose long-ago videotaped sexy-times with Kim Kardashian put her on the map.

According to Star, Whitney's family has "been in contact with Ray and told him they do not want any photos or videos painting her in a bad light to come out." He's purportedly been "stalling" on making a decision "because he knows he's sitting on a gold mine."

The mag claims the Houston camp has tried to impress upon Ray J "that now is the time to honor Whitney, not drag her legacy down."

But Whitney insiders assure Gossip Cop, "No one has heard anything about any sex tapes or photos, nor has the family spoken to [Ray J] regarding this. It's not true."


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