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JG3 / ZJE / WENN 1 / 10

Early Wednesday morning, the world issued a collective "Ah-ooooh-gah!" when titillating pictures purportedly of Scarlett Johansson leaked onto the Interwebs.

The low quality but surprisingly fetching T&A cell phone self-portraits popped up on several websites, and they appear to show the underdressed starlet posing in a bedroom mirror and on a bed.

(And no, we're not gonna link to the pics; if you feel the need to eyeball 'em, that's between you and your browser's history.)

Amateur nude-celebrity-photo sleuths quickly went to work dissecting the snaps and questioning whether they were Photoshopped. Among their quibbles: The seemingly contrasting positions of ScarJo's head in the mirrored shot.

But according to TMZ, Johansson's people immediately plan to contact the FBI over the release of the pics, which they consider "a criminal act."

You'll recall that back in February, the actress was thought to be one of about 50 female stars targeted by a hacker ring, with victims ranging from Jessica Alba to Christina Aguilera.

Scarlett allegedly had snaps stolen from her iPhone.

Johansson's rep didn't respond to our request for comment, but if these photos are indeed real, she unwillingly joins an ever-growing club of starlets (see Hudgens, Vanessa -- or actually, don't) who have had their private time made public.

And as we speculate who Scarlett might be willing to pose for (Sean Penn? Ryan Reynolds?), we offer this public service announcement: Whether you're male, female, feline, canine or a biped of any sort, please, we beg you, don't pose for any pictures you wouldn't want to the whole world to see.


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