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In the three or so months since Olivia Wilde called it quits with her Italian prince husband of eight years, she's been spied in the company of several eligible guys.

There was that aquarium date with Ryan Gosling, and a couple of group hangs with Jake Gyllenhaal (in New Orleans and Brooklyn).

And let's not forget her apparent snuggle-time early last month with a newly Jessica Biel-free Justin Timberlake.

While she was quick to insist they were just good friends, their chumminess continues, according to the New York Post, which is convinced they're "heating up" after spying Olivia, 27, sticking close to JT, 30, on Friday night at his Southern Hospitality eatery in Hell's Kitchen.

Seems Justin's pal was celebrating a birthday, and Olivia reportedly arrived not long after he did and "stayed by his side all night."

But cold water is once again being poured on the hookup speculation, with Timberlake's rep reiterating they're just pals and sometime co-workers: "Justin has starred in two movies with Ms. Wilde [the upcoming "In Time" and 2006's "Alpha Dog"]. … They are friends and are not romantically involved, nor is Mr. Timberlake romantically involved with anyone."

As for Wilde, who recently acknowledged to Glamour that she was "opening my heart up to the idea of dating again," she isn't limiting her social life just to guys who are eligible for the Sexiest Man Alive shortlist.

She also enjoys chatting up older, intellectual types with fatwas on their heads.

The Post recently spied Olivia dining a deux with Salman Rushdie, who's been playing the field, often with statuesque knockouts, since his 2007 divorce from Padma Lakshmi.

But despite the seemingly date-like appearance of the pair's bread-breaking, Wilde's rep explains, "He's one of her parents' best friends."

Besides, Olivia appears to be focused on bigger issues than her love life right now.

"Leaving for Haiti in the morning," she tweeted Sunday night. "If anyone needs me just fly one of those sky writer planes over Port au Prince and I'll probably see it."

While in the earthquake-devastated region, the actress reportedly plans to work on a documentary about a Haitian Little League team.


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