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Respect Will Smith's personal space or feel his wrath. While working the press line at the "Men in Black 3" premiere in Moscow on Friday, the megastar showed the back of his hand to a reporter who got overly affectionate with his lips.

In the video (via TMZ), Smith can be seen good-naturedly accepting a hug from a Ukrainian interviewer, who proceeded to shower his face with kisses.

The actor, angry at the PDA invasion, pushed him away and swatted him in the face.

"Whoa, man, What the hell is your problem, buddy?" asked a clearly peeved Smith as he thwapped the smirking journalist.

According to TMZ, this particular reporter has made a name for himself with the lip shtick, although he might want to be careful which star he pulls it on in the future.

"This joker, he's lucky I ain't sucker punch him," Smith said immediately after the kiss incursion, before adding with a laugh, "It's all good."

Professional that he is, he carried on with his red-carpet duties.


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