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Toby Canham / Bauer-Griffin 1 / 11

If you're still harboring illusions over whether stars are just like us, imagine what would happen if you tried to drive off during a traffic stop. Best-case scenario: The cop might help you avoid conking your head while loading you and your handcuffed arms into the back of a patrol car. Not so for Amanda Bynes.

TMZ and Gossip Cop report that Los Angeles police nabbed the onetime starlet on Wednesday for talking on her cellphone while behind the wheel. The officer collected her information and was in the process of issuing her a ticket when she simply drove off.

Was she impatient? Nervous? The reason for her bolting action remains unclear, but the cop opted not to chase her because he "didn't feel she was dangerous" and already had all her contact details.

A few hours later, Bynes swung by the police station and signed her ticket, although she could still land in hot water for leaving the scene.

The actress, whose career has cooled since the fluffy, guilty-pleasure high of 2003's "What a Girl Wants," has yet to comment on the incident.

A day before getting pulled over, Amanda tweeted an all-too-prescient message: "Live fast die young bad girls do it well!"


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