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"Whitney Houston battles deadly lung disease!" That alarming headline comes courtesy of the National Enquirer, which alleges the long-spiraling, lately rehabbing singer "is fighting for her life" after being diagnosed with early-stage emphysema.

Doctors have supposedly warned Houston "in no uncertain terms she must immediately quit smoking," a habit that is said to have contributed to her gasping, raspy-voiced performances during last year's failed comeback tour.

"Her doctors are warning her she'll die a horrible death," says a gloom-and-doom-predicting source.

The tab also claims that Whitney's freshly rehabbed daughter, Bobbi Kristina, 18, has taken on the burden of trying to get her healthy.

But don't send that get-well card just yet. Seems Houston's many problems might not include damaged lungs.

When contacted for comment on the Enquirer's emphysema claim, Whitney's rep succinctly told us, "Not true."

As for Whitney's offspring with ex-husband Bobby Brown, she has only love for her mom.

"She drives me nuts," Bobbi Kristina tweeted on Wednesday, "but I love her more then anything in this universe right next to the lord:)"


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