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The Allman Brothers star Gregg Allman is to wed a woman 40 years his junior.

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The six-times divorced rocker, 64, told newsman Piers Morgan of his wedding plans during an appearance on his CNN talk show on Tuesday night, introducing Morgan to his 24-year-old fiancee, Shannon.

Asked how she feels about becoming Allman's seventh wife, the rock star intervened and said, "That's not what she's becoming. She's becoming wife number one. I don't have a wife. Haven't had one for years. ... This time, I am really in love."

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And in a follow-up interview on "CBS This Morning," he insisted his seventh union would be "altogether different", adding, "I'm sober."

Allman is still married to his sixth wife Stacey Fountain, according to many Internet records.

His past lovers also include Danielle Galliano (1989 to 1994), Julie Bindas (1979 to 1984) and Cher (1975 to 1979).

The wedding news comes just weeks after Allman was forced to reschedule promotional interviews for his memoir My Cross to Bear after experiencing heart problems following recent hernia surgery.

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