Katy Winn / Invision / Invision/AP 1 / 8
Katy Winn / Invision / Invision/AP 1 / 8

Gwen Stefani often misses the chance to appear at her clothing line's runway shows because New York Fashion Week clashes with her children's school timetable.

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The No Doubt singer has her own designer collection, L.A.M.B., which is showcased at the famous Manhattan style festival, but Stefani admits she regularly skips the event because she needs to be around to take care of her two sons, Kingston, 6, and Zuma, 4.

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She tells Britain's Elle magazine, "I've missed the last couple of fashion weeks because of school. I can't leave the kids, I can't miss the first week of kindergarten. I just can't."

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Stefani goes on to admit she struggles to find the perfect balance between work and parenthood, adding, "Being a mom is hard, I think a lot of working moms feel that way. [They want] to have time to be themselves as well but it's really hard, there's a price to pay.

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"When you first have a baby your life doesn't change. I mean, you have a little less sleep and you drag these cuddly things around you and it's just amazing. But you still get to be you. Once they get to, like, five, six and school and it starts to get, like, 'Wow, they got real problems. They're my responsibility...' Oh my God. That is overwhelming."