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It's understandable if the name Gwyneth Paltrow connotes things like quinoa, the Hamptons and expensive sweaters, all of which she's prone to praising on her website, GOOP. But those interests don't prevent the actress from cracking the occasional bawdy joke -- or being open-minded to a few taboos, as she proved at a recent press day for her new film, "Thanks for Sharing," in which she dates a sex addict in recovery.

Asked about her own experience with addiction, for example, Paltrow quipped, "I'm just straight-up Internet porn."

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Joking aside, the actress, who has two kids with hubby Chris Martin, went on to admit that she would be willing to date a sex addict, as long as he could be honest about the problem.

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"I think that I'm an extremely open-minded person," she said. "If someone says, 'Look. This is part of who I am and what I'm dealing [with],' it wouldn't keep me from exploring a relationship with someone if I felt that everything else was lined up. I think it would be hard for me to be one of those wives that 20 years in, you find out that it's been going on behind your back for your whole life. And so you're questioning what is your life. What has it been? What is what? I think that would be harder for me. But if there's authenticity and honesty at the beginning, I wouldn't hold a judgment about it."

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But could she, in that situation, forgive her partner if he cheated?

"I think that in life, the idea is that if you're committed to someone and you're in a relationship that's important to you, you surmount things," she mused. "For different couples, it takes on different challenges. I mean, I would like to think that I would be forgiving, and it's also something in that scenario that I would know going in what I was signing up for."