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Harry Styles is sporting a brand new boot, and it's not the stylish Saint Laurent kind he normally favors! The singer, who has had quite a few spills on stage while out on One Direction's "On the Road Again" tour this year, rocked a medical boot on his right foot while doing press on Oct. 13.

The boy band frontman limped a bit on stage during their show on Oct. 12 in Birmingham, England, but kept on going with the show like a true professional. But the severity of the injury was apparent the next day, when he showed up to do press with the boot-clad right foot.

One reporter interviewing the band confirmed on Instagram that Harry told her his foot is indeed broken. He broke the accessory navicular, a bone located on the inner side of the foot above the arch. "I did mine on stage, rolled it," Harry explained in a later interview.

Harry and the rest of the members of One Direction were releasing lyrics from songs on their upcoming album "Made in the A.M." via Spotify's Snapchat, and conducting interviews in advance of the record's Nov. 13 release date. He can be seen sporting his new accessory while playing ping pong on the music streaming service's Snapchat videos.

Strangely enough, Harry isn't the only member of the band currently suffering from a broken foot! Niall Horan fractured his right foot in early September, and has been rocking a boot ever since. Perhaps Harry was just jealous and wanted to copy Niall's look?

The two broken-footed bandmates will return to the stage Oct. 16, when One Direction's tour picks back up in Niall's native Ireland.

Hopefully no one else advises the other men of One Direction to break a leg on stage!