Being blue is not always gloomy. ET's very own Kevin Frazier was with the very smiley stars of 'Avatar' on the blue carpet at the Los Angeles premiere on Wednesday night.

With the film receiving four Golden Globe nominations, Zoe Saldana had a lot to be happy about. She was proud of director James Cameron because "he deserves all the acclamations in the world. He put his sweat, his heart, and 150% for four years for this film…"

Ironically, James premiered blockbuster hit 'Titanic' at this very same theater. He prophesied, "Maybe it's good luck, right?" He also promised ET that "'Titanic' in 3D is going to rock....we'll probably bring it out in 2012 for the 100-year anniversary."

When Kevin showed him his Life magazine cover, James replied, "I didn't even have to land on the moon or discover a cure for cancer or anything." His wife, Suzy Amis, chimed in with a laugh, "You just created another planet."

Zoe said of her 'Avatar' action figure, "I feel like if a Smurf were to grow up and look longer, it would look like an Avatar."

Actress Sigourney Weaver describes the movie as "'Gone with the Wind' in outer space." Audiences can enter the mystical world of 'Avatar' on Friday, when it launches into theaters nationwide.

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