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Madonna's eye candy squeeze apparently hasn't quite figured out that when you're linked to one of the world's most famous divorcees, discretion is a good way to go.

The London Sun claims that Jesus Luz, 22, who's supposedly now crashing at the pop icon's New York digs, got up close and personal with lingerie model Luciana Costa, 31, at a shindig in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday night.

"Jesus was the hit of the party and all the girls went wild for him when he arrived," an eyewitness alleges to the tab. "But Luciana was more interested than most and soon got hold of him for a dance."

Another spy alleges that they "danced together very close lots of times. He whispered things in her ear, grabbed her hand, put his hand around her waist."

But Costa, who was snapped out with Luz the next morning, insists the two are simply "old friends having fun."

"We both love to dance so were dancing and catching up, talking about our careers," she explains. "On Sunday, we went for a walk with friends we have in common. Jesus had great things to say about Madonna and he doesnt care that she is so much older."

We're sure Madonna, 50, who earlier this week was called a "ridiculous old bag" by one of Jesus' ex-girlfriends, will be filled with so much gratitude when she hears that.

By the by, the superstar, who joined pal Gwyneth Paltrow at a soiree Tuesday night in New York celebrating designer Valentino, is apparently getting sent to voice mail by self-described "friend" Alex Rodriguez.

The Chicago Sun-Times says the New York Yankee, who gets to first base with himself in the April issue of Details, has been ignoring Madonna's calls as he recuperates in Vail, Colo., following hip surgery.

The paper implies that A-Rod's been too busy with a "revolving door" of lovelies to answer.

"I've never seen anything like it," a spy marvels to the paper. "The guy's been busy day and night. ... I thought hip surgery meant you had to keep your hips immobile for a while."


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