In further proof that fame may be the ultimate aphrodisiac, weathered, leathery bad boys Mickey Rourke and Tommy Lee are supposedly enjoying the attentions of much younger women.

The New York Post says the "Wrestler" star, 56, caught the eye of a 26-year-old Russian "model-pop star" named Irson while in Moscow for "Iron Man 2."

She maintains that they're an item and will soon become engaged, declaring, "He told me, 'You're a fantastic woman. I want to marry you.'"

The words you're looking for here: Yeah, right.

Meanwhile, the Post says Pam Anderson's ex-husband, 46, has been "getting frisky" with "sultry" rocker and onetime "Paris Hilton's My New BFF" participant Natasha Komis, 24, who was seen hanging out with him backstage at Motley Crue's recent Madison Square Garden concert.

"Tommy had kegs of Jagermeister everywhere, and Natasha was all over him," alleges a spy. "She was following him around like a puppy dog."

And in more dubious hookup news, Guy Ritchie is apparently still sowing a wild oat or two while ex-wife Madonna is busy trying to adopt another child from Malawi.

The director, who recently joined Elle Macpherson for dinner, is now being linked to a twiggy blonde British socialite.

The London Daily Mail says the director, 40, has been seeing Petrina Khashoggi, 29, a former model and politician's daughter.

"Petrina is leggy, blond and very posh, which seems to be Guy's ideal woman at the moment. He is trying to keep things very casual but she has become rather besotted with him," a source tattles to the paper. "It's her opinion that Guy is quite besotted with her and he apparently keeps telling her she's far more interesting and more fun than Madonna."

Which is like comparing apples with super-buff and successful oranges, but moving on

A Richie pal says he's not looking for anything serious and "wants to play the field," not unlike his ex, who, depending on which source you believe, may or may not have ditched boyish Brazilian model Jesus Luz.

"Stepping out with someone as stunning as Petrina is good for his ego," adds the friend, "and will probably annoy Madonna."

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