@kimkardashian / Instagram 1 / 14
@kimkardashian / Instagram 1 / 14

A selfie celebration! Honestly, though, what else would you expect?

Kim Kardashian West recently earned the title of most followed person on Instagram, snatching the crown away from Beyonce, and her numbers are continuing to climb. On the evening of Sept. 2, her popularity reached a new high, as she surpassed 45 million followers.

How did she celebrate? With a few selfies, naturally (remember, this is a woman who put out an entire book of selfies!)

"45 million Instagram followers!!!!!," she captioned the first celebratory photo, her ample cleavage taking center stage. "I love you guys!!!!!"

"Besitos everyone!!!!! #45mil," she wrote in another shot of herself giving kissface to the camera, which was posted moments later.

"Last selfie for the night," she wrote in her final picture. "Thanks again for the instalove."

For the record, Kim has nearly 35 million Twitter followers, as well, so she can certainly stake a claim as Queen of the Internet.

Prior to the selfie barrage, Kim and her sisters Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner celebrated the upcoming launches of their new websites/apps at Nobu in Malibu.

As for why she's so popular on social media, Kim told Adweek earlier this year, "Social media works when you're open, when you're honest and people want to feel like they're getting a little glimpse into your life. It's not that I brand myself like I'm a celebrity. It's just I'm living my life and sharing a part of my life with the world."