Splash News

It must have been 'Take Your Dad to Work Day,' or rather 'Take Your Dad to Your Stripping Gig Day.'

Last week, Hulk Hogan attended his daughter Brooke's pole-dancing performance. Decked out in sequined booty shorts, a crop top, and stipper heels, Brooke, 20, took the stage, and Hulk was there with his girlfriend to cheer her on.

"Of course I was there," Hulk told Life & Style Weekly. "I'd watch my daughter perform no matter what she does."

Totally get it, Hulk. It's a special moment in every young girl's life ... first steps, first word, first pole dance. Hopefully he brought his video camera.

Brooke's reality show "Brooke Knows Best" starts it's second season on VH1 in May and her dad is set to appear in several episodes. Whether there will be any father-daughter bonding sessions while shopping for nipple tassles remains to be seen.