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Can't we all just get along? To say things backstage at "The View" are tense would be an understatement of gargantuan proportions.

The Daily Mail Online is reporting that there is constant infighting between the cast and crew. The clashes, the report said, "has hit an all-time high."

Recently, Whoopi Goldberg reportedly had a meltdown when voicing her frustration with the show's producers. Whoopi is also apparently fed up with fellow co-host Paula Farris.

"She is no fan of Paula. Whoopi thinks Paula only really talks on the panel when she is shilling her conservative Christian beliefs," a source said. "She hates how ABC is allowing Paula to use The View to leverage network interviews with people like Kim Davis," the Kentucky county clerk who defied court orders by refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.

"It all reminds Whoopi too much of Barbara Walters, who she despised by the time ABC made Barbara retire," the source said.

Whoopi also has issues with "Top Chef" host Padma Lakshmi, who was named a contributor to the show this past summer.

"Whoopi always felt that Padma was unpleasant when she guest hosted before and she was mean to the staff backstage," the source said. "Despite her issue with network executives and new senior producers on the show, Whoopi prides herself on being nice to the show's general staff."

The longtime comedienne isn't alone in her bitterness toward other co-hosts. Joy Behar is not a fan of newcomer Michelle Collins.

"Joy has confided that Michelle relies too heavily on jokes and punch-lines instead of actually offering a substantive opinion during Hot Topics," the source said. "Michelle is always so quick to drop a comedy one-liner anytime someone is talking on the show that it often steps on opinions or jokes Joy is making herself."

The two have had intense discussions backstage several times, the report said, but Michelle has allegedly dismissed Joy as "an old lady past her prime."

Joy, like Whoopi, also doesn't like Paula and thinks that her views are "dangerous," the source said.

Raven Symone, though, is Switzerland on the panel, and everyone seems to get along with her.

"Goldberg feels the unorthodox child star is a younger version of herself, and the others just write off her opinions and charge it to privileged youth," one show producer says, adding: "Surprisingly, despite Paula's conservative Christian views, she and Raven get along quite well."