ET is going inside the operating room as reality TV personality Heidi Montag undergoes 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day.

In exclusive video shot in January of 2010, Heidi sits on a bed in a hospital gown, as she explains why she is about to have 10 procedures to change her looks. "This isn't like a whim decision. This is something I've really thought about for three years," 23-year-old Heidi says.

"People can think whatever they want," Heidi says. "But I'm the one living in my skin. I'm the one in here and I'm the one in this really cutthroat industry."

The reality TV personality will undergo a laundry list of procedures: a mini brow lift; Botox in her forehead; a nose job; fat injections in her cheeks; a chin reduction; neck liposuction; her ears pinned back; liposuction on her waist, hips and thighs; butt augmentation and her second breast augmentation.

In the pre-surgery video, she notes that despite her multiple augmentations to her body, inner beauty is what matters to her husband Spencer Pratt. "Your inner beauty is always there, and I think what Spencer's the most concerned with is always my inner beauty. He's not so concerned as to my outer beauty," she says.

Tune in to ET tonight to see the exclusive video, including Spencer's prayer for his wife before she goes under the knife.

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