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If you were dating a sexy Israeli supermodel like Bar Refaeli, what would you do to keep her? Would you, a nonpracticing Catholic, convert to Judaism? Rumor has it that Leonardo DiCaprio is considering doing just that for his longtime love.

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Recently, Leo's made several trips to Israel "to learn more about Israel and its culture and religion to appease her traditional family," an insider tells The Daily Mail. "Leo's sudden intense interest in Israel, its culture and religion is the clearest sign yet that he intends to marry Bar." As for Bar, she's said to be "over the moon" that he's considering converting. But don't wish him mazel tov yet: A source close to Leo tells Gossip Cop that the story's "not true." Oy vey!

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Should Leo remain, shall we say unkosher, he might as well kiss Bar bye-bye. Her father, Rafael Refaeli, is adamantly against his daughter marrying outside the faith. "He told me that if Leo doesn't convert to Judaism, there will be no marriage," a friend of the family told the New York Daily News last year.

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Leo will be in good company if he chooses to take the plunge though. Ivanka Trump converted to Judaism before tying the knot with New York Observer publisher Jared Kushner, as did Marilyn Monroe for Arthur Miller, Kate Capshaw for Steven Spielberg and Elizabeth Banks for her sportswriter husband.

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So seriously, dude, what are you waiting for? Another devastatingly gorgeous woman like Bar to saunter into your life? Sure, there are loads of ladies who would love to date Leo, but how many would put up with the five-year-long breakup and makeup mishegas (that's Yiddish for "craziness for" all you goyim out there)? Giving up Christmas and bacon is a small price to pay.

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