JG3 / ZJE / WENN 1 / 7
JG3 / ZJE / WENN 1 / 7

Just go with this: Jennifer Aniston has lopped off several inches of her world-famous hair.

The actress, 42, stepped out for a photo call on Tuesday in Madrid, Spain, for "Just Go With It," debuting a dramatically shorter, chin-length new bob.

For her big hair moment (with costars Adam Sandler and Brooklyn Decker nearby), the star wore a clingy black tank top and black pants.

And it looks like Aniston made her momentous hair decision while abroad -- just a day earlier in Berlin, her blond locks fell past her shoulders.

Aniston's shorter hairdo is slightly reminiscent of her most famous haircut ever: "The Rachel," the "Friends"-era haircut that helped launch her stardom in the '90s.

"How do I say this? I think it was the ugliest haircut I've ever seen," Aniston told Allure. "What I really want to know is: How did that thing have legs?"

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