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Jennifer Hudson's ripped fiance, David Otunga, will be in the ring on April 1 at WrestleMania XXVIII in Miami for one of the biggest matches of his pro wrestling career. One person who won't be there to cheer him on, though, is his ladylove -- who he confirmed to Wonderwall, he'll be marrying in 2012.

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Otunga said Hudson has out-of-town work commitments that prevent her from attending the main event -- which will air on pay-per-view -- at Sun Life Stadium, but she's already made up for her soon-to-be glaring absence. "She flew in my entire family as a surprise for me," the WWE star told Wonderwall exclusively on Wednesday following a WrestleMania press conference at Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach. "They are so excited, and so am I."

Otunga added that Hudson picked up the entire travel tab to bring those relatives -- 15 in all -- to Miami. Three of Otunga's family members -- two nephews and one niece -- will celebrate birthdays while in town, and he considers that the cherry on top. "I'm a family man, so I couldn't be happier," he said.

Otunga's already vibrant smile got even brighter when asked about his upcoming nuptials to Hudson. The couple, who share a son, David Jr., have been engaged since September 2008, but Otunga isn't giddy enough to give away any intimate details, including the exact date. "I can reveal that it is happening [this year]," he laughed. "I'm really, really excited."

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He added that the ceremony will put an official stamp on their relationship which he said is already as official as it can be. "To be honest, we have basically been married for a while now. We already wear rings and I'm never without mine unless I'm in the ring. It's just a matter of having the right celebration and making it our moment. I also want that moment of just seeing her in the dress and having a special day."

As for the skeptics who have questioned what brought A-lister Hudson (who won an Oscar for her breakout turn in "Dreamgirls") and VH1 reality TV personality-turned-WWE superstar Otunga together, he said he's not interested in what they have to say. "I could care less about what people think," he said. "The two of us fit perfectly together, and the rest of the world is just starting to realize that, I guess."

In addition to caring for their son, Otunga said he and Hudson also pair perfectly together in the gym, working on their equally enviable physiques.

"Ever since we've been together, we've always been health-conscious," Otunga revealed of himself and his fiancee, who has famously lost more than 80 pounds on Weight Watchers. "It's very easy to stick to a good nutritional plan when you're doing it together. We also work out together. She's the only person I work out with, because I don't like having a training partner, except for her. It's also kind of hot training with your significant other."

The couple may soon have another health-conscious athlete in the family: 2-year-old David Jr. "He couldn't be a bigger WWE fan," Otunga beamed. "He knows every wrestler by their entrance theme. The kid is genius -- it's amazing."

Speaking of wrestler entrances, Otunga will take center stage on Sunday likely wearing his signature -- yet skimpy -- pro wrestling outfit of boots and briefs. And he's not nervous at all. "I work very, very hard on my physique, and I have no problems showing it off," he said. "I train five or six days a week, sometimes seven. I love going to the gym -- I'm a gym rat. ... I'm a perfectionist. I want every detail of my body to be perfect. But it's not all about being big and having muscles. You have to have that refined look and the symmetry."

And in true WWE form, he concluded with a boastful statement worthy of WrestleMania's brag-fest ring: "I call myself a body scientist. And I'm the perfect specimen," he laughed. No doubt Hudson would agree.

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