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Jennifer Love Hewitt has found some key ways to recover from her recent split with Jamie Kennedy.

"Yoga, 72 hours of ice cream ... it's all good," the "Ghost Whisperer" star told UsMagazine.com at a book signing event for her dating tome, "The Day I Shot Cupid," in New York on Wednesday.

How else is she dealing with the breakup?

"I'm reading my own book," the star, 31, says, laughing. "I wrote it just in time."

She tells Us that she is trying to follow the advice in her book, which hit stores on Tuesday.

For starters, she says she is working to "look at the good things about" Kennedy, whom she began dating in March 2009.

"Feel good about those things," she adds. "Don’t put too much focus on the negative. I think it just gets you in a better head space and allows you to move on into the next phase of your life with a healthier attitude."

Her next phase, however, doesn't include dating.

"I'm on book tour -- there's no time," she tells Us.

As for what she's looking for in a boyfriend, she admits she has "no idea" and is "throwing it all out at this point and just going to see where the universe takes me."

And as for her new haircut, she says it had nothing to do with the breakup.

"I actually cut my hair before," she tells Us. "It’s just that I had to have long hair on the show, so I’d already done the haircut and we were just clipping in some pieces to keep it going. I just happened to finish filming and unveiled the haircut around the same time as the unveiling of the other news so now it’s become my 'breakup haircut.'"

She adds: "But it’s really not! It’s not a breakup haircut! It’s just a good haircut!"


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