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With her wedding "soon," Jenny McCarthy just has to say "I do" to please her fiancé, but she needs something a little sweeter to satisfy her son.

"Cupcakes," she said of Evan's wedding wish list, "that is his only demand -- and he has requested a few hot chicks. I can provide that."

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The soon-to-be-former host of "The View," has yet to release the wedding date, but hinted that her nuptials to New Kids On The Block singer Donnie Wahlberg are right around the corner. "The wedding is so soon I should be on a treadmill right now and not here partying in Las Vegas," McCarthy, 41, said while hanging with her fiancé at Palazzo's Azure Pool on Friday.

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Jokes aside, the planning is actually going well. Her date is set, as is a "very boutique" location. Entertainment, however, is still left on her to-do list. "We've got some favorite songs. We've got some favorite artists," she said. "Pink sings one of our songs that we love. We haven't put any 'asks' out yet, but I'm hoping so. Once again, I have a musician and it would be more than enough if he sang a song."

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The fact that she ended up with Wahlberg, 44, is humorous, in and of itself, considering her first impression of him.

"I was scared of Donnie. I thought that he was a little too tough when I was younger," she said. "He had a motorcycle and I was, if you can believe, a goodie two-shoes back then and he scared me. Then, of course, as I got older (New Kids On The Block) reunited I was like, 'Wow, Donnie is hot.' He's softened up a bit. The Sean Penn era is over for him. He's grown to be such a wonderful man."