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Joel Madden might want to invest some of his Good Charlotte profits in a private plane. Just days after a British Airways staffer ordered him to cover up his arm tattoos before boarding a flight, he's been involved in another airport kerfuffle, this one triggered by the paparazzi.

In a series of Twitter posts, the rocker lays into the photographers who "were acting like animals" when he landed in Miami earlier this week with his stork-awaiting squeeze, Nicole Richie, and their pie-cute 15-month-old daughter, Harlow.

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"It was the first time I've ever seen my child scared," says Madden. "These guys were sticking flashes in her face and bumping into us and yelling. The most unnecessary force I've ever seen."

Joel says he managed to keep his cool because "you can't get violent in front of kids. That's a rule with me. Never lose my temper. Never will."

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And lest you think he's one of those famous folks with zero perspective on his lucky lot in life, he adds, "I do count my blessings. I know there are some people out there with 'real' problems [and] I never want to come off as complaining . . . just sensitive when it comes to my girls."

As for Harlow, Joel says she's just fine, but he chastises "any magazine or blog" that uses the pictures taken during the airport melee.

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The family was in town so Richie could promote her House of Harlow jewelry line, and she, too, took to the Interwebs to talk about their Miami stay, although her take was decidedly more positive.

"I have to say, I love Miami! Never has work been this much fun," she gushed on her blog. "This morning I was on ['Live With Regis & Kelly'] promoting my jewelry line . . . I managed to appear on their show, and get a tan at the same time!"

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She then added on Twitter, "This is the life!"

Nicole, who glowed on "Regis & Kelly" in a flowing, paisley Etro dress that camouflaged her cutely swelling belly, told the hosts that she was looking forward to a low-key Mother's Day with her family and bubbled that being a mom "is the best thing ever."

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