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The world of Rachel Zoe gets a little bigger in the fourth season of her Bravo reality series, "The Rachel Zoe Project." The new season, which premieres tonight, Sept. 6, at 10 p.m. PST, follows her pregnancy with her first child -- son Skyler, who was born on March 23 -- as well her career change from professional styling to clothes designing. Wonderwall chatted with Joey Maalouf, Zoe's hair and makeup artist, about his role on the show and as an honorary uncle to Baby Skyler. Plus,Maalouf weighs in on why Anne Hathaway is the celeb that fashion-savvy folks should have their eyes on.

Wonderwall: Congrats on the new season. Can you tell us about what we can expect?

Joey Maalouf: You should expect a very different show. In prior seasons, it was all about the fashion porn and gagging over the dresses. Now it's about Rachel being pregnant and adventuring off into becoming a clothing designer. It's definitely a new experience. It was a new experience for me, having known her for six-and-a-half years. Seeing her experience all these new things and all this change in her life -- it was quite the show, for sure.

WW: In what ways has she changed -- as a friend? As a co-worker?

JM: I would say she's actually a lot more calm. She's not as erratic, and right now she's all about, like, time -- how much time she has to spend on something. So she has this project, and she now is going to do it in five hours, because that means tomorrow she can spend that much more time with her son. I just think that she's a lot more organized and a lot more cautious of time.

WW: And how does this impact you?

JM: Well, besides the fact that we're really great friends, it really helps me because I, for the time that I get to do her hair and makeup, I really get to spend that time making her look as amazing and flawless as I can so that she is confident. And her hair and makeup look great all day. Now she's more lenient. Now, if I'm like, "I'm totally going to do a navy blue eyeliner," she's not going to look at me like I'm crazy. She's just going to let me do it. You know, she's more patient when she gets ready.

WW: Have you changed up her look at all to suit motherhood?

JM: I mean, she didn't become, like, a soccer mom or anything. [Laughs] Let's be honest. She was in suede high seven-inch heels throughout her whole pregnancy, so I would say that she got a little sexier while she was pregnant. She was very in to body-conscious [clothes] and wearing black. And when I first met her, black was very opposite her style. And then you see her have some hair changes. She doesn't wear it as crazy and curly. It's more structured and soft. It's a little straighter. She's even open-minded enough to let me do a ponytail, which she's never let me do before.

WW: How much time do you spend around Rachel and Skyler?

JM: While we're working and while we're not working, I get to spend a lot of time with them. I love Skyler, and I want to be a part of his life and be the best uncle ever. Because he has to like me best.

WW: Are you learning at all about kids' fashion?

JM: Well, I have four nieces, and I have been round kids my whole life, so I practically could have given birth to her baby.

WW: What's Skyler's best wardrobe piece or accessory?

JM: Oh, this is hard. Skyler has the best clothes. I literally cannot get over the fact that I am jealous of a six-month-old child. I would say that the Missoni pieces that he has -- I can't even get over how gorgeous they are. And he has some Bottega Veneta shoes that I'm obsessed with. And the infamous Gucci jacket that he can't wear until he's 2. But it's amazing.

WW: Is there anything you've had your eye on as a stylish little present you'd like to buy for him?

JM: Oh, it's so hard to buy her or him anything, because they already have anything. The way I give to them is by spending as much time with them as possible. [Laughs]

WW: What looks are you into for the fall -- for adults or for babies?

JM: For babies or adults? I love it. For fall, I'm really into a tailored look for women. I really love a woman in a full suit, who can wear it with an edgy spiked heel. It's a androgynous but sexy approach to fall style. I'm really obsessed with a pop of color -- nothing all black. More like a navy coat with a camel-colored pant and a white dress shirt and a hot orange shoe. Nothing too monochromatic -- just having a lot of fun with it.

WW: Is there any new hot trend that people should be watching for?

JM: I'm going to say high heels are going from really skinny triple platforms to really thick triple platforms. I really love it. Miu Miu is doing it, and a few others have caught on. Michael Kors has a really thick heel out. It's so sexy and very disco.

WW: Tell us what celebrities have been killing it fashion-wise. Who has been looking reliably great? Who is someone folks should be looking to as a fashion inspiration?

JM: I really think right now that everything and anything I've been seeing on Anne Hathaway, she's been knocking it right out of the park. She's been looking sexy and effortless, and she she's carries herself so well. She's such a lady. She really has an amazing, strong presence.

WW: So, anything else our readers should be considering, fashion-wise? What's a way the typical "Rachel Zoe Project" viewer can punch up her wardrobe?

JM: If your face can handle it, I would say throw on a really bright lip, because that can dress up any outfit. And it always just makes it look like you gave more effort than you had to.