John Travolta gives our Mark Steines an exclusive about the little man that's changing lives.

John and wife Kelly Preston welcomed baby Benjamin Travolta into the world right before Thanksgiving last year, now he reveals what it feels like to be a new dad --again!

"After having two children, you go through all the ups and downs of learning how to be a parent," he tells Mark. "You become calmer by the third one. I think with our third child here we are a lot calmer about everything that's going on ... consequently it's caused a much calmer baby too. He's a very happy baby."

The actor also explained what it was like to hold his baby for the first time. "Benjamin was bright and aware and seemed very comfortable with being out of the womb," he says. "Holding him was just such a satisfying experience because I hadn't had it in so long. He was so happy to be in my arms." John says he quickly handed baby Benjamin over to his wife, who had a C-section during a silent birth.

"We did [silent birth] for all our children and in this particular case the doctors and nurses were so beautifully adhering to our requests," John explains. "It's just so no verbiage will later have a negative effect on the child ... they did a beautiful job at respecting that. We've got a very calm baby because of it."

Not only are his parents overjoyed, but his big sister is too. "Oh my gosh, Ella ... was so excited, you would've thought she was having the baby," John says. "I mean she was out of her skin. She's a great assistant to mom and she's a great helper. She can't stop kissing him. She's a great big sister."

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