@iamjojo / Instagram 1 / 6
@iamjojo / Instagram 1 / 6

What a difference a decade makes!

JoJo, the adorable 13-year-old singer whose 2004 hits "Leave" and "Baby It's You" were constantly on the airwaves during the previous presidential administration, is set to make a return to public consciousness … and she looks a-maze-ing!

Now 24, JoJo debuted her first single in years in April with "Far From Heaven." On Aug. 5, she showed us just how much she's grown up. In a sexy snapshot posted to her Instagram, the songstress donned a white one-piece swimsuit as the wind wisped through her hair.

That little girl is long gone and this stunning woman has replaced her.

"Oh ya know... Just surveying the in the city in my white bathing suit and silk kimono," she wrote, before plugging her new official website.

Prior to her sexy snapshot, she posted a collage of photo that seemed to hint at an upcoming album.

If the album sounds anywhere as good as JoJo looks, we're all in for a treat.