Is Jon and Kate Gosselin's "War of the Roses" over? Only ET interviewed both sides after they met face to face in Pennsylvania on Saturday -- and apparently reached an agreement, in principal, on the terms of their divorce arbitration. Plus, we break news about Jon's love pledge to Kate!

ET special correspondent Diane Dimond reports that after the feuding ex-couple met with an arbitrator for about five hours, both sides emerged to say they'd reached an agreement.

Dimond says the arbitrator will commit Jon and Kate's agreement points, along with his own recommendations, to a document. Lawyers expect to receive the document in approximately 30 days, and both sides have agreed to abide by whatever the arbitrator rules.

Dimond says that after the meeting ended, Kate declined to comment, but Jon said he'd written his estranged wife a note indicating that he loves their children, that a part of him will always love her, and he will never let any harm come to her.

Earlier, Jon arrived to the meeting with an apparent peace offering for Kate: a bouquet of roses. However, Dimond says that Kate left the meeting without the flowers.

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