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Picture it: Christmas 2004. Jude Law celebrated the birth of the baby Jesus by surprising girlfriend Sienna Miller with a $35,000 engagement ring dotted with nine diamonds. But then came that regrettable interlude with the nanny and their eventual breakup.

Cut to five years later, and bygones appear to be bygones. Tropical, sun-soaked, bikini-sporting bygones.

The rekindled flames were snapped chilling on a beach in Barbados over the weekend, a sighting that came just ahead of their respective birthdays, with Sienna turning 28 on Monday and Jude hitting 37 on Tuesday.

(And with age comes wisdom: Unlike the starlet's paparazzi-documented debut with Balthazar Getty in the summer of 2008, her bikini top stayed firmly in place this time.)

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Joining them on the getaway were the actor's three kids with ex-wife Sadie Frost: Rafferty, 13, Iris, 9, and Rudy, 7.

The London Daily Mail says Law spent Christmas with his brood at Frost's London home before jetting off the next day to join Miller, who reportedly enjoyed the holiday on the island with her mother and some friends.

"Jude told his parents, children and his ex-wife over Christmas that he wants to make a real go of it with Sienna," a source asserts to the paper. "He really wants it to work this time around."

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And while Law's tykes look to be fine with the romantic reunion, crowding onto a rubber dinghy with the duo and playfully splashing Miller as they frolicked in the water, his folks are apparently a bit ticked off.

"They have made it abundantly clear he doesn't have their blessing," a snitch alleges to the London Sun. "They want him to be happy but think the two of them together are a recipe for disaster."

Adds the source, "They believe the relationship was a rollercoaster the last time and they were left to pick up the pieces when they finished."

Jude and Sienna's Caribbean escape follows months of sightings of them cozying up in New York while starring in their respective Broadway shows ("Hamlet" for him; "After Miss Julie" for her).

Still no word on whether Law plans to use some of his downtime to meet his 3-month-old daughter, Sophia, the product of his fling with Samantha Burke.

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