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By Michelle Lanz

Celebrities with bottomless bank accounts, like Shaquille O'Neal and Paris Hilton, aren't often told that they can't have something they want. Almost anything can be bought for the right price here in the US of A ... except when it comes to Einstein, the world's tiniest stallion.

The 1.5-foot-tall creature has become quite the celebri-pony after appearing on the "Oprah Winfrey Show," prompting both O'Neal and Hilton to express interest in purchasing little Einstein. "Shaq would have to arm-wrestle Paris Hilton for him. He's not for sale. He's priceless," owner Charlie Cantrell told reporter Kevin Gray of the New Hampshire Union Leader.

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But what if Cantrell agreed to sell Einstein? Sure, the mini-horse is cute and all, but what could Shaq and Paris possibly want with a teeny-tiny pony?

It's pretty clear why Paris would want to get her animal-hoarding hands on Einstein. She has made quite a prolific hobby out of collecting adorable pint-sized pets: she has a miniature pig, dozens of purse dogs, bunnies, an illegal kinkajou and a kitten or two.

When you have money and plenty of free time, you can pay someone to do the dirty work that comes with owning multiple animals. It's not like adding a pony to the mix would inconvenience her in the slightest, but would it be good for the pony?

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What would happen when the next trendy pocket pet comes along? Paris has been criticized before for treating her dogs like fashion accessories and for bringing her tiny and terrified Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, to premieres.

Imagine Paris pulling up to the red carpet of some Hollywood event with poor little Einstein dressed in pink as the paparazzi scream her name and flash their light bulbs in his face. And who knows what else would befall the pony if Paris was allowed to add him to her list of animal "friends."

Then there's Shaq. The image of the 7-foot-tall basketball star carrying around or walking a pony the size of his Air Jordans would be the funniest thing ever for about 15 minutes, but with a hectic work schedule we highly doubt he would be able to give Einstein the kind of attention he most likely needs.

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Shaq owns a large property in Massachusetts, so he would be able to give him a nice home with plenty of space to frolic. His family might make decent mini pony guardians, but it would be rough for Einstein to not have any other mini pony friends to play with. Plus, winters in Massachusetts would be brutal when snow dumps by the foot.

So what does Einstein think of all of this hoopla? According to his Twitter page, he doesn't want anything to do with Shaq and Paris. "Paris can't buy me, but she can feed me some carrots!" Einstein tweeted (yes, a horse that tweets) on Friday, followed by the exclamation, "I'm Having a Shaq attack!" That's right Einstein, stay on your peaceful farm and stay far away from the hectic life of a celebrity.