Sounds like a number one hit to Us!

As reported exclusively by Us Weekly, Kanye West's new rap may have implications about his new romance with Kim Kardashian  -- suggesting potential wedding bells for the couple of two months.

But a source close to the Grammy winner, 34, clarifies to Us that the originally quoted lyrics from an upcoming song were incorrect -- by just a hair.

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The source explains that the romantic song actually includes the following lines: "Now she back in the club in a tight dress with dreams of someday wearing a white dress," with the refrain, "Even though I met you in the club in a tight dress/At first sight I could picture you in a white dress."

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(Another insider initially cited a slightly different lyric: "I saw you in the club in a white dress/Now I want to put you in a white dress.")

"Kanye's been a good sport about all the gossip, but one thing that gets him hot is people misquoting his lyrics!" the first West source tells Us of the song, rumored to be on the soundtrack to an upcoming film directed by RZA.

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As for speculation that the lines are about wedding plans with Kardashian, 31? "He's just trying to make dope songs," the source says. "As has always been the case with Kanye's music, people will interpret the lyrics to apply to his life or their own. That's the beauty of it." 

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