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Kat Graham may seem fearless, but that doesn't mean the "Vampire Diaries" star is totally immune to sweating the small stuff. The triple threat -- who's set to release her short film "Muse" and a new single within the next month -- is teaming up with Degree Dry Spray on their #GameChanger campaign to inspire women to push boundaries in honor of the Grammy Awards. She chatted with Wonderwall.com about her "crazy week," the things that make her sweat, why she wishes she'd never met Janet Jackson, her ideal Grammy gown and more. Keep reading for the highlights or watch the full interview in the video above.

Wonderwall.com: How have you pushed your own boundaries this year?

Kat Graham: "I'm all about taking chances on myself. I think that this year I finally decided that after a couple years of being quiet with my music, I really wanted to release a single that I wrote. I just really want to do my own music."

WW: How nervous are you to expose that side of yourself as an artist?

KG: "It's more never wracking to me to keep moving forward without doing my music and without having these outlets because I really believe that artists need to put out their music or they need to put out their ideas, write them, create them, sing them. So I get more uncomfortable not being able to express myself."

WW: Since we're talking about Degree, we have to ask: What makes you sweat?

Kat Graham: "Besides dancing and right before I'm about to go onstage, a spider in my bathtub makes me sweat -- or anytime that "The Vampire Diaries" says that they're killing off a series regular. That might make everyone sweat a little bit."

WW: Speaking of "The Vampire Diaires," we know you're very close with your cast mates. But you've been on your own for most of this season. What's that been like?

KG: "We are very close. I miss them. Whenever I get to do a flashback with them, I get so excited. And obviously I've been working on my own a lot with my own projects, so I haven't seen them that much. But it makes us all have to get together even more when we're not working and make it even more a priority because we are that close."

WW: What do you all like to do together for fun off set?

KG: "We're shooting in Atlanta, so there's really not that much to do. We'll go to a restaurant or we'll go to see a movie or we'll hang out at each other's houses. We're in Georgia, so it's just some simple country fun."

WW: Fashion is obviously very important to you. What's your ideal Grammy ensemble?

KG: "Fashion is extremely important. The ideal Grammy ensemble is nothing too formal. I love women in suits. I love anything with a train. I love strapless gowns with embellishments. I like anything that feels structured but simple, so it really just depends. There are so many amazing designers."

WW: You'll be hanging out backstage with Degree Dry Spray at the Grammys. There are going to be some incredible performers. Who will make you totally lose it?

KG: "I haven't been star struck since I met Janet Jackson. I heard that Prince might be performing. It was such a fan encounter [when I met Janet], and she probably doesn't even remember meeting me. I kind of wish I never did!"