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@katehudson / Instagram 1 / 12


Kate Hudson knows how to have a good time on the lake! The fit mother posted an image to Instagram on Sept. 20 that shows her lounging on a boat and eating cheese puffs (We're fairly confident she didn't get her rocking body from a cheese puff diet though!) The actress also appears to be imbibing on a little white wine, as well.

"Pontoon Sunday," she captioned the image, using hashtags to indicate she was also watching a live feed of the day's NFL games while on the water.

Later, the actress and her son, Ryder, decided to take dip in the water, and it was all captured on video for 2.2 million Instagram followers.

"Perfect day," she wrote of a video that shows her and her pride and joy jumping off the boat. "#HappySunday #LoveMyBoy #RyderMan #BobMarley #OneDrop #PontoonSunday."