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Marion Curtis / StarTraks 1 / 6

By Rebecca Silverstein, with reporting by Paris Hampton

As a style correspondent for E!'s red carpet and co-host of "Fashion Police," Kelly Osbourne knows a thing or two about fashion. So it's no surprise that we caught her sitting front and center at Badgley Mischka's show during Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. Read on as Kelly chats about what it's like to critique other celebs' style, how she decided to go gray and more.

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Wonderwall: Your hair looks great! What inspired you to do this color?

Kelly Osbourne: Well, I've done different shades of gray before. But basically, when I was about 12 years old and I first moved to America, my sister had loads of fashion magazines. I would go and sneak into her room and find them. Because I really didn't understand it, I was such a tomboy. But I found this one fashion spread and it was of six supermodels with six [old] ladies, and each model had the same gray rinse as the old lady that sat next to her, and they were all drinking tea. I still have the clipping, so my mission is to go through every single one of them. So there are more to come.

WW: What brings you to Fashion Week?

KO: I'm definitely not here as a critic. I'm here as an admirer of all fashion. Just to sit in the front row at Fashion Week is so much fun.

WW: Is it hard for you to talk about other celebrities' fashion?

KO: I would never say something [about] anybody that I wouldn't say to their face. That is something I live by, or else I'd be a hypocrite. What I do on E!'s red carpet is completely different from what I do on "Fashion Police." I'm not there to try and assassinate anybody.

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WW: How do you deal with being mean on "Fashion Police"?

KO: Joan is a comedian, and I want to make sure that we make fun of ourselves. I am not there to make jokes; Joan is.

WW: Have you seen Joan yet?

KO: No. Where is that b----? She said she'd be with me today, and I can't find her anywhere.

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WW: Who are you excited to see at the Oscars?

KO: Everybody. That's the whole fun of awards season for me, and it's also the hardest part of my job because I never like to call someone out for looking bad, but it is my job. But it's one of those things where, when someone is on a red carpet and they feel great, if I don't like the dress, that's not what matters. It creates an atmosphere, and it's just amazing. And to be a part of all of that is so much fun for me. I can't even believe it's work!

WW: Who do you think will dress well, and who won't?

KO: You never know. Sometimes people kind of dress down, and then the Oscars hit, and they pull out all the stops.

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WW: How do you feel in this dress?

KO: I love this dress! I added the sleeves. [Badgley Mischka] sent me three dresses, and I got to pick which ones, which was even more of an honor. I don't like not having a sleeve because then you get that weird thing under your armpit, and it is really not attractive. So I took these sleeves off another dress and sewed them on. I hope they don't get mad at me!

WW: You wore Badgley Mischka to the SAG Awards too, right?

KO: When I got into my hotel room, Badgley Mischka had framed a sketch of the dress they made me for the SAG Awards and signed it. I cried and had a full-on fashion moment.

WW: Who are your shoes by?

KO: They're Giuseppe Zanotti. I'm really lacking in the height department, so anything with a platform is good.

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WW: What's the next one?

KO: I don't know!

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WW: How do you stay fit?

KO: It's not dieting; it's life changing. You eat right, you work out, and that is all you have to do. It's long, and it's boring, and it sucks, but that is the only way to do it.

WW: What is the best diet advice you've ever gotten?

KO: Never deprive yourself of anything, because then you get angry about it. And that's why I think the fashion world is miserable: because they are all bloody hungry.